Friday, October 17, 2008

"Jill's Returning to Her Childhood"... or... "Candidate for Husband-of-the-Year"

In order to fully understand this saga, you need to know what the Starbucks "uniform" consists of: black or khaki pants; white or black collared shirt; black or brown closed-toe shoes; Starbucks hat or visor; Starbucks green apron. Because of what I already had in my closet, and because I'm rather frugal (tight, some would say) I wear khaki pants and either a white or black shirt, usually white, 'cause I don't wear much black (it makes me look older, I think.) The green apron, as you probably know, covers most of the shirt and pants. However, not all...

For many years, Dwayne has been helping with the household duties by doing the laundry every weekend, and I must say, he does a great job of sorting, treating, washing, drying... the whole 9 yards. Since I've started my barista career, it's provided him with new challenges, i.e. chocolate on shirt sleeves; coffee stains all over the bottom of the pants legs; and just about everything served at Starbucks on the green aprons (whipped cream, sticky syrup, coffee, chocolate, pastry residue, etc, etc.) Recently, marker stain on white shirt was a good one.

Last weekend, as he was starting a load of laundry, and very efficiently pre-treating garments, Dwayne was heard to lament, "Since you started working at Starbucks, it's like having a little kid again, with stains all over her clothes... only, Julie and Jessie were almost never this messy!"

So, although I'm thoroughly enjoying my barista-ing, and happily wiping messy hands on my apron as I smile at and chat with customers, and typically spilling just about everything on myself (have you seen me in my own kitchen?!)... this has created more work for Dwayne. So, to my faithful and hard-working spouse, I say "THANK YOU, DWAYNE, for supporting me in my job. Not only by not not fussing when the alarm goes off before 4 AM, but also by continuing to be such a great 'helper' in the laundry room!"

If every barista had such a supportive partner, the world would undoubtedly be a better place.
Also, just a note... I took a required food-safety-handling course this past week. Yikes! The information dispensed was enough to convince you to NEVER eat out again! Just want you all to know that at Starbucks, we only handle your food with gloves on and using utensils, and we NEVER allow any germs in any coffee, frappuccinos, or any other beverage. So, just don't take any of those courses... what you don't know can't hurt you! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading about your new job! I can't imagine how wonderful it is for people to meet such a friendly barista at their local coffee-shop!! Your last blog about De-Wayne :-) being a candidate for Husband of the Year is no surprise! You both are such ispiring role-models for those of us learning the marriage-thing. Keep going Grandma Barista! You teach all of us that there is always a good time to learn something new and laugh with your husband along the way! ;-)

Jayfe said...

My dear friend...long time no see!
I've been having a good time reading about your new life as a barista! I'm glad you're having such fun. By the way I hear you're doing a great job!

Miss y'all...I think of the good ole days often. Hug Dwayne for me!