Friday, March 6, 2009

World's Most Negligent Blogger Returns...

Okay, so now I get the prize for “most negligent blogger in the universe”! I don’t know what happened – Thanksgiving, Christmas, shopping, company, company, company…and working 2 part-time jobs, plus obligations at church and home… can anyone help me with more excuses?? Nevermind, at last I’m returning to share a few very random thoughts.

--First, in November, the church Dwayne and I have been a part of for 30 years moved into our new building! (another excuse – helping with the big MOVE!) The dedication service was in December, and here are a couple of pics. We are so thrilled with our new facility, but also thankful to be part of such a wonderful community. If you’re in or near New Braunfels, come visit us at the corner of FM 725 and Klein Rd. We’d love to have you.

I love to take walks down our country road – it’s peaceful; beautiful sunsets; and the mountain laurel have started blooming, the first sign of spring. Usually the air is permeated with the distinctive fragrance of grape soda pop. But this year, due to the extreme drought we’re experiencing, none of the wildflowers have much of a chance. And right now, there’s another competing fragrance… it’s skunk mating season in South Texas. So, as I was walking recently, noticing the mountain laurel and hoping for the usual heady fragrance, all I could detect was the distinct odor of skunk! And, twice within the past week, while walking down the driveway to get the morning paper (about 100 yards to the road), Dwayne has been confronted with a skunk sauntering around in the front yard or in the driveway… guess what? The skunk won, and Dwayne retreated to the house without the paper. I hope skunk mating season doesn’t last long!

--In a few weeks we’ll be leaving to visit Julie, Brian, and Justin in the Philippines. Julie is completing her Masters Degree, so we’ll get to watch her graduate. Jessica will be coming from Denver, so we’ll have a mini family reunion in Manila. Next time I add to this blog, I’ll have a picture of Julie in cap and gown, and of course, more of Justin, the world’s cutest grandson.

-- I’m sure you’ve heard about Starbucks closing stores across the country; well, you can be assured that the New Braunfels one is NOT closing. Our business may have slowed a little, but my feet don’t know it, after a 5-hour shift this morning, with only about 5 or 10 minutes to sit down between 5 AM and nearly 10. Our regular customers still show up every day, the coffee is just as good, and the job is still fun! So, come see us at Starbucks, and let us make your day better. J


Anonymous said...

Jill, I love the new church! It is beautiful, inside and out. I really like the three crosses at the enterance, and entering the church through the true.

I am so happy about the new building. It makes me think of 30 years ago when there was just y'all, us, Jackie and Harold and the Kornegy's on Wednesday night. Back then our dreams was filling that building. Oh see what the Lord has done! I'm so happy and excited for all of you that are there now.

With much love,

Anonymous said...

He Jill!

It's the snake lady from Bracken...Ann Stevens! I was trying to find your brother-in-law, Dennis! He, I think, has a refund of capital credits due him (call 885-4411 or 1-800-367-4882. Anyway, I was looking around on the Internet and found this site for you! WOW! Ed, my husband, and I would love to come get a cup of coffee if you are still working at Starbucks, but we don't know the didn't put it on this site, unless I missed it. Hate to put my phone number or e-mail down here, but if you call "the school" and let them know the circumstances, maybe they'd give you my phone number. Maybe one day we'll just check out all the Starbucks in New Braunfels! Anyway, glad to hear you are a grandma...I am too! Macy Grace born 11-25-08 and Noah Thomas on 9-30-10! Love 'em! The live in Katy and we get to see them often. I still sub! See what you did! Anyway, it's Ed's birthday and we are going out to eat soon, so much go...but it was great to "see" you and read this site! Hugs, Ann