Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where does the time go??

Wow - I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything! I didn't intend to be so lax about this.

I was just wondering recently, why do I really like this job?! I'm getting paid less than I have in over 2 decades, the hours can be crazy.... but, I really do enjoy coming to work! So, I've been thinking about it... I've always enjoyed entertaining in our home; I love coffee; I really like being around young people; I love visiting with friends and meeting new people; my psyche is a lot happier when I'm out working than when I'm staying home most of the goes on and on. So working at Starbucks satisfies just about all of those -- it's like having people over for coffee, making new friends... AND I get paid for it! What a great job for this aging grandma!

One of my newest hobbies is quilting, and I recently made Jessica a "coffee" quilt for her birthday. Some of my partners saw it before I took it to Denver for Jessica, and I'm now going to make a couple of wall hangings for our store with some leftover fabric. I've attached a pic so you can see what it looks like. Whenever I get a chance to make them, I'll post a pic of them in the store. But, since I'm working 2 part-time jobs now, it's taking me a lot longer to get to any quilting! I'll just have to make some time for it!

Thanks to all of you who are interested enough to read and comment to this blog. It's a challenge for me to figure out how to make it work, and what to say, and it's fun to read your comments. So, I must go now so I can make time to make a couple of coffee wall hangings!

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Brian and Julie Woolery said...

Wow, can't wait to see the hangings you make for your branch! That will be great! And of course, it must be said again, Jessica is so lucky to get such an awesome quilt, "and she didn't even have to pro-create to get it." :)