Tuesday, August 19, 2008

C is for Caramel...

Yes, C is for caramel, but so is CR, depending on the drink, and C is also for cappucinno, and M is for mocha, but is it also for mint?!?!?! And, if I mark the wrong one on the cup (or, use the right one, but put it in the wrong place!), the barista makes the wrong drink, which goes down the drain, and he starts all over! AAAGGGHHH!

Well, as you can see, the confusion still reigns. I'm not nearly as exhausted, but as sure as I think I know something, I find out there are 3 more things I don't know (or, don't remember... or, mis-remember!) But, I realized that when one only works part-time, it takes twice as long (or longer) to learn one's job, because if I don't go to work for 2 or 3 days, I'm not getting as much practice, and I have longer to forget! So, that makes me feel better. Also, all my partners (as employees of Starbucks are called) tell me I'm doing fine, and it will come. Except Ed, who teases and tells me I'm hopeless, and I'll never get it... and I'm sure he's only kidding! ;-) I work with great people, most of them 'kids'. Devon just got engaged last night, and we don't work together until next week, so I'll just have to wait to hear all about it; I met Daniel's 4-month-old baby this past week, a real cutey, and it makes me miss Justin! Bess frequently starts the day with me at 5 AM, and she's a sweetheart; Dylan does the sound at his church, and also usually begins the day at 5. Except this past Monday, he came in and found out that he was scheduled for 5 PM, and he was not a happy camper! ;-)

So, I'm beginning to become assimilated into Starbucks life... and, it's fun! I love talking with all the customers when I ring up their coffee and pastries as they start their day. I've seen some old friends, and am making some new ones. All the teachers started back to school this week, some of them ready, and some of them really dragging! Boy, can I remember! Many came in for a jolt of caffeine to get through all that in-service. Claudine, a retiree from someplace cold up north, comes in every day and wants a hug. Greg comes in before daylight to get his coffee and read his paper. Laura comes in with the smallest thermal mug I've ever seen, and fills it up each morning... We really are a neighborhood coffeeshop. :-)

I'm also still working part-time at my Aflac, so I'm keeping quite busy -- but they say we can keep Alzheimer's at bay if we keep our minds active. I'm hoping it works!

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Brian and Julie Woolery said...

Mom - I'm so excited you're posting! :) It's wonderful to hear your stories. It's no surprise you're already being a blessing to your co-workers and customers - I wish we could come and get drinks from you! Have a great week! We love and miss you! :)